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Review: Chaste: A Tale from Perilisc by Jesse Teller

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                                CHASTE: A TALE FROM PERILISC BY JESSE TELLER

When her devout parents died, Cheryl turned her back on her god. Years of denial and self-loathing have defeated her. Her life consists of taking orders and succumbing to abuse. A group of strangers stops in Chaste for the night, but an unnamed threat is preying on the town. Tragic deaths have become more and more frequent. Cheryl wants to protect these travelers, expose the evil force, and save her fellow citizens, but she must find a way to believe in hope.

                                            MY REVIEW: 

Okay, I’m super excited about this one so I’m going to try to do this without giving everything away.

What Jesse Teller has crafted here is an absolute masterpiece from start to finish.  First off, I enjoyed Teller’s way of doing the “before and after” aspect of the story.  I’m a fan of anything non-cookie cutter. For instance, in the beginning, you’ll read about the goings on in the aftermath. It took me a few moments to follow the story there, but once I got it, I was in and reeling.

And I do mean reeling.

Cheryl kicked the heart right out of my chest when I first met her. This woman is going through hell, to say the least.  Yet, despite it all, she’s a fighter. As you read her story, you see that clearly and admire her as much as I did.

I won’t say that I enjoyed reading her story. In fact, it tore me apart to read some pieces of it, but her strength left me in awe and inspired.

Additionally, the dialogue, I feel, is in a class all its own. I could almost hear the characters the way spoke in the manner that Teller wrote them; see the scenery in the graphic, descriptive manner illustrated by him.

If you love fantasy, I would definitely recommend “Chaste” to you.
Even if you’re like me and you haven’t read very much fantasy in your lifetime, I’d say take a chance on Jesse Teller. You won’t regret it. He'll make you love it.


4 out of 5 stars! Check it out!

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