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Favorite TV Show Binge Right Now

So, I write cozy middle-grade and paranormal mystery books. Every now and again while I'm writing, I like to have a television show in the background especially one that helps to fit the genre in which I'm constructing a story. There are several shows that I'm obsessed with right now and one of them is Madam Blanc Mysteries.    via GIPHY I found the show last year on AcornTV. The show centers around Jean White. She and her husband, Rory, are antique dealers and owners of a cottage in a village located in the South of France called San Victoire. Suddenly, Rory dies, and that San Victoire cottage becomes the only thing left of Jean White's assets. She goes to the village to unravel the mystery of her husband's death and ends up uncovering the various mysteries in the lives of the citizens of the town. via GIPHY I love everything about this show. Sally Lindsay, the creator and the actress who plays Jean White, and the cast have created an absolute gem. Thou

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