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5 thoughts I had while reading Lisa Jackson's Bentz/Montoya Series

On June 27th, the long-awaited book, The Last Sinner, by Lisa Jackson came out.  Bentz and Montoya are my boys and I've read and re-read the entire series so I naturally snapped this up as soon as pre-order was available.    I was first introduced to the romantic suspense book series with the story, Malice (Book 6), and I often think and then talk back to the characters when something happens each of the different books.  Here are 5 thoughts I've had while reading the New Orleans series. 1. "No, girl, it's not just the're in actual danger."  I love these books, but there were several times in the series where the person who needs protecting is oblivious to danger, swearing up and down that they're just hearing things. However, you as the reader know some craziness and chaos is about to go down.  via GIPHY     2. "Let them do their job."  Sometimes, when they finally recognize the danger, the person in need of protection swears the

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