Monday, January 9, 2017

Review: Lost Time (Between Two Evils, Part 2) by D.L. Orton

Hi everyone! I’m bringing you another “part 2.”
Lost Time by D.L. Orton, the second piece to Crossing Time.
Like book one, this book contains a variety of elements from time travel to romance to dystopian, all of which I enjoyed seeing together.

Orton formed the three components in a way that seemed seamless. I wasn’t sure how it could be done but Lost Time illustrates that flow very well.  

Not only were the categorical rudiments fashioned flawless, but, just like in Crossing Time, the characters, as the plot, were well-developed and realistic. Diego and Isabel, the time-travelled couple, are back with their respective stories and points of view. Furthermore, Orton makes this novel very easy to follow with the separating of different vantage points. This way, you know exactly who is speaking, how they are feeling as they speak, and where they are speaking.

This time around, I felt like I got a little more Diego, which I was fine with me as he’s my favorite of the characters. In this story, you meet him literally out on a limb and wounded, clutching tight to a shell in his hands while humanity has entered the brink of ending. All the while, he is searching for Isabel. My heart was racing and breaking all at the same time.


Also, you’ll meet some great new characters. Shannon, the humorous teenage girl who finds Diego, is favorite of mine because I know people just like her who, among other things, bring humor and personality to an otherwise bleak situation.

At its core, Lost Time is an enduring tale of love and enigma with an Armageddon-esque twist. While I would have liked it to be as long as the last book and it does end on a cliffhanger, I thoroughly enjoyed it as the plot was constructed in a way that the reader does not feel like any story has been lost.

I give it a four out of five. See it here!