Monday, February 27, 2017

My review: Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

When last we left Joe—the stalker in search of true love in You—his involvement with Beck and everything he’d done to make said involvement possible failed. He falls for another woman who scams him and, if you know Joe, he will not let that go.

Enter Hidden Bodies. After reading You, I couldn't wait to pick this up. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~MY REVIEW ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Searching for the woman who scammed him, Joe ends up in LA. Along the way, he gets friends among Tinseltown's hopefuls, establishes a Facebook account, and begins building his writing career as the collateral damage—specifically bodies—in his quest for love with Beck remains far behind him and long buried.

Kepnes is phenomenal. She not only is brilliant in setting the scene of ambitious young Hollywood but—just as in You—creating the characters. For instance, while Joe was a clear-cut psychopath and an all-too-calm one at that as he committed murders and buried bodies with the expert ease of an experienced surgeon, there were times where I, as the reader, almost felt bad for him, especially when he ultimately finds his perfect match and is desperate to hide his past. A few times, I shook myself loose as if to say “No, you’re bad. I cannot feel for you.” That’s how good Kepnes is.

One of my favorite lines she wrote was the following:  “So I Lyfted to Home Depot where I bought random stuff, rope and duct tape, plastic bags, cable ties, and plastic gloves. The girl at the register winked and said she's also a big fan of Fifty Shades and this is what has become of our society. Fucking and killing are the same damn thing.”

I laughed aloud because Kepnes read my mind. If I worked at Home Depot and saw someone buying all those things at once, I would do more asking questions and less talking about 50 Shades of Grey.

Hidden Bodies is a wonderfully eerie, spine-chilling body of work that I did not want to end. I hope the story of Joe continues. 5 stars!