Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My Review: Becoming The Wolf by R.H. Neil

When I first picked up this book, even after reading the summary, I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for as I hadn’t read very many vigilante justice thrillers. But, being that this is a part of one of my favorite genres, Thriller/Suspense, I went for it.
And I was glad I did.
JD Ward, a police officer and former military man also known as The White Wolf who makes violent predators his prey, is a deeply human and conflicted man.
He cares about the world around him, loves his family and friends wholeheartedly, and yet performs violent acts to protect that world and those loved ones.
But his acts don’t come without consequence to his psyche and personal peace.
JD himself also struggles with the job he has to do as a man of the law.
I personally know many men and woman just like him; police officers who have to do a job, struggle with the demands of said job, and, yet, go out of their way to ensure the safety of every single citizen.
It’s not an easy job and Neil makes that clear through not only the character development of JD but also his wife Lucy and their two children who, I might add, were too adorable for words.
JD’s fights don’t just stop in the mental or familial arena.
When you do what he does, of course, you’ll have enemies on all sides.
And, boy, what enemies…
This story was gritty. I had to stop and take a break a few times through the reading because I got so invested with this that my heart was hurting and pounding with each twist and turn.


It was brutal and so real.
The author truly left elements of his own life as an officer, husband, and father within this story.  
So, readers, if you enjoy an awesome realistic suspense, pick this up.
You will be heavily invested and not at all sorry.
I know I’m not.

5 out of 5 stars!

You can find the author, R.H. Neil, on twitter at @richardhneil and the book, Becoming the Wolf: A White Wolf Justice Thriller on Amazon.