Shattered Spirits by L.L. Bartlett - My review

So, I'm a huge fan of The Jeff Resnick Mystery (7 Book Series)and was so happy to get this goodie into my hands. 

Mr. Resnick is a former insurance investigator with a currently—due to a brutal mugging—heightened sense of awareness in others.

Unfortunately, while his family and loved ones seemed to be experiencing the greatest highs of their lives (His brother, Richard, and Richard’s wife, Brenda, have their loveable, beautiful little Betsy and Jeff’s girlfriend, Maggie, is selling her home for financial benefit and to be closer to Jeff), he’s experiencing nothing but lows.

To start, he and his friend, Dave, are run down while on their motorcycles, an incident that Jeff’s abilities lead him to believe is no accident. Adding on to that, his financial record is hacked and wrecked, dealing a blow to his pride as he’s further forced to depend on his brother and Brenda.

Furthermore, in Shattered Spirits, Resnick’s gift is put to use in a different type of cold case.
It’s literally cold.
Working together with Richard, Jeff meets the center of said case, Alice Newcomb, a young woman in her early 20s who has been dead since the 1930s.

My mind was blown. I don’t think I’ve ever seen L.L. Bartlett do this with the Jeff Resnick. For you other readers of the series, correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes, he’s picked up on the auras of living people in the middle of examining other cold cases before, but I don’t recall him ever working with and talking to a dead person to solve said person’s murder. I thought that was so interesting. It felt as if I, as the reader, got another genuine characteristic element of Jeff Resnick. Within a series, that’s pretty rare and totally awesome to get to know an old character in a new dimension.


I also enjoyed the realism of the family and relationship element. Betsy was adorable and Brenda’s my favorite and an absolute trooper with everything that goes on. I liked Richard as well, though sometimes the older brother had his own things to work through and it often inhibited his own growth and stalled everyone else. But he tries and he loves his family so he’s a winner to me.


On the other hand, I did not like Maggie in this book. I understand that she had a great deal happening with the sale of her home, finances and the like, but she seemed more selfish than distracted.

I have my own life too. At the same time, if I had significant other who went through an ordeal that almost killed them, I’d like to think I would be at their side a lot more than she was.
Or at least show a drop more sensitivity, especially after all that they had gone through together. I was very surprised at her.  


Beginning middle to end, I enjoyed the book and did not want the adventurous to stop.

It's power-packed with page-turning tension and paranormal thrills. 
I give it 4 out of 5 stars; I would recommend it!

In this latest installment, L.L. Barlett shows us yet another element to Jeff Resnick while telling us an amazing story and bringing back the characters we’ve gotten to love so much. Despite the fact that Shattered Spirits (The Jeff Resnick Mysteries) (Volume 7) is part of a series, you can pick it up without having read the others and you won’t be lost.

Ms. Bartlett, if you’re reading this, I really need you to hurry with the next Resnick book. We’re patiently waiting!


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