Thursday, May 18, 2017

My review: The Bridge of the Golden Wood - A Parable on How to Earn Money By Karl Beckstrand

I'm all about anything that would help teach children how to learn anything by more efficient means, especially when it concerns both reading and the management and earning of money. So I was very excited to read this parable on how to earn money because this world is just downright crazy. You can't depend on any one thing. You have to have something of your own concerning the building of wealth in order to develop and sustain a future. Just as important, learning this should start as early as possible. 


Personally, as I read I saw that it's not enough to just earn money but to prepared to earn as the titular character was, before the time for earning or opportunity arises. This is an important lesson because opportunities come up but if one is not prepared then said opportunity becomes wasted. 

Among other valuable keys that children will take away from this is that obstacles will come but don't stop. It's easy to stop but don't. Those roadblocks can become roadmaps to the very afforded opportunities that were initially thought to be blocked.

It is always good for children to learn these lessons and the value of a dollar as young as possible so I'm giving this 5 stars out of 5 stars. 

The illustrations are beautiful and the story and its message are easily understood. 


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