Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My Review: Letting Go A Novel by Maria Thompson Corley

Hi, everyone! I truly hope you've all been doing well and you are having a great day (or evening depending on where you are) thus far. You waited awhile and I appreciate your patience so I'll jump right into my latest read, Letting Go by Maria Thompson Corley. 

I had the pleasure and privilege of partaking of this amazing story in which I remained invested to the very end of the story. I was jumpy and excited throughout the story. I finished this morning and I'm still coming down from the high. So, with that being said, here goes...

I've been waiting for a love story like this, a tale that actually reflects the world and how it diverse it truly is, a work which illustrates how the relationships often really operate. More often than not, both parties, much like Cecile and Langston, make difficult decisions concerning the merging of partnership and passion. 


These two hit snags to say the least and Corley demonstrates this well in the form of narrative, journals, and dialogue. I enjoyed the dialogue especially. The witty banter from in-person conversations and otherwise revealed so much more about these two characters more than any description ever would. I laughed a few times, saying to myself, No wonder they like each other. They fit so well. 

At the same time, Corley made it clear that these were two similar yet different people. One of my favorite aspects of a book is dialogue. I love it when I can picture not only the happenings of a story but the character from the words used in any given situation. 


Within the trimmings of cultural idioms, clever discussion, and language as beautiful and fluid as if played on piano keys, Corley created characters that you as the reader can absolutely love, hate, and with which you can identify. Adding to that, the journalistic format gave off a sense of personal involvement, as if I was reading someones personal letters about their life and taking the journey right along with them day by day.


In closing, Letting Go, at its core, is a story about love, discovery, and sacrifice; all three in various forms. It's a true journey of ups and downs.
I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

Listen to an excerpt of Letting Go or get the book here. You can also enjoy one of the songs from the novel, Chopin's Fourth Balld in F Minor, Op. 54. The music from the novel can also be found on Amazon.