I Can Be Me by Queen J

I can be me by Queen J 

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good day. Since last we caught up via this blog, there have been a couple of major changes in my personal life; changes that—years ago—I hadn’t thought of as a possibility. 

I earned my doctoral degree in Education back in 2018. It was quite the journey, not always the most fun, but I did relish it because it did help to bring forth a lot of new things for me. In fact, it was work on the degree that led me to start blogging and sharing my favorite books with you.

This past week, after countless interviews, I accepted a new educational position on my own personal terms. While this is by no means the end of my journey, it is a huge step forward. And it is a huge step forward that took place on the terms that I wanted.

Another major change for me is on the relationship front. My significant other and I recently celebrated one year together. This is a major change for me because I was never sure that I’d find my “person.” And it happened. I didn’t have to compromise or make myself smaller. I could and can be me.

These two changes seem quite small to most people, but they are big to me because, in both cases, I didn’t have to make myself seem less than I actually am.

I can just be me.