#Book Review: Her Darkest Hour (Rosemary Run #4) by Kelly Utt


Her Darkest Hour (Rosemary Run #4)Her Darkest Hour by Kelly Utt
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

What I liked?

So, I did read the others in the Rosemary Run series and, compared to the previous three books that I read in the series, I personally did find the book a better read and Eve was a little more of an interesting character than the others in the previous books.


What I didn’t like?

Eve had a lot going on that truly could have made for a much more interesting premise and portrayal, but the execution of it just wasn’t there. Also, as I found with the characters in the previous books, characters seemed to do things because the writer said so. Not because of who they are.


In essence, the book started out promising, but, in the end, I personally I didn’t find that the story and characters remained engaging. I have one more in the series in the Rosemary Run series to read and hope that it will be different.


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