#Blog Post: "You Don't Need To Touch The Pot To Know It's Hot"


"You don't need to touch the pot to know it's hot." I can’t remember the exact origins of the phrase in question, but my mom and I were having a discussion about it not long ago in the context of compassion and people caring about others being hurt without actually having to experience the hurt themselves. 

 Since the last time I posted on this blog, so much has happened in the world and my heart just hurts. These were people just at a grocery store running errands. Taking care of loved ones. Living life. They should have been safe. These were babies at school who should have been safe. 

 And real changes have to be made to prevent this from ever happening again. This is not politics. This is just being human. You do not need to have COVID-19 to have compassion for someone who does. You do not need to be a woman or know a woman to care about the right of a woman. 

 You do not need to be a parent to hurt for and help one who lost their child. You do not need to experience hurt to help to change things for another person who did. In other words, you don't need to touch the pot to know it’s hot. 

  So, let us please try to practice some compassion, not because we have something in common with the person or group who’s hurt, but because it is what decent human beings do for one another.