What I'm Watching Now by Queen J Reads

 What I’m Watching Now by Queen J Reads

Lately, every since I finished up You, I’ve been on quite the Netflix Binge.

I don’t know what it is, but there are times when you don’t want to write to music and the television just get the ideas flowing different.

I don’t know if that happens for anyone else, but it certainly does for me.

Anyway, there’s a couple of shows that I’ve been watching.

How To Become a Tyrant
Worst Roommate Ever

I’m a sucker for a good documentary of true crime, history, or finance, especially while I’m writing or reading.

I just finished the second one and it was pretty heavy watching. These weren’t cases that I had heard of, but they were no less heartbreaking and seriously unfair, especially that of the serial squatter Jamison Bachman.

It was terrible that all these people had to go through what they had and, on top of that, with—until it was almost too late—little to no legal options.

In one moment that stood out to me, one of Bachman’s friends said that he’d known a better or “softer” side of Bachman, but that side was really nowhere to be found the more that they spoke about him (at least not to me).

Right now, I’m watching How To Become A Tyrant, a series narrated by Peter Dinklage (who I absolutely adore) and follows the different tyrants of the world within history as well as how they came to be.

I’d definitely recommend giving this a watch as well.

Have you watched any interesting television shows lately?
Comment about it.